Our Top Tips for Making the Most of Case Lot

Mar 4, 2020, 6:00:00 PM

When it comes to saving money, there are few sales as big as the case lot sale. Cases full of delicious food and wholesome ingredients are what make our pantries burst with flavor. Make the most of the case lot sale by following our top tips:

  1. Make a plan: Savvy shoppers know great grocery shopping doesn’t happen by accident. At our store, we give you the planning tools you need to succeed. Our print ad is likely mailed to your home, but it’s also available 24/7 on your electronic devices. Use our website, app and digital ad to create shopping lists, the core of effective case-lot strategy.
  2. Shop early: While you’ll find the team ready to serve whenever you arrive, consider shopping early in the day to avoid any crowds. Additionally, the case lot sale starts on Wednesday so make the most of your trip by shopping during the first few days of the sale.
  3. Buy what you use: Packing your pantry with items you make the most of every dollar. Take an account of what you already have, what you need and match it up with what’s on sale.
  4. Shop in store or online: Our store makes it easy to shop your way. If you visit us in store, you will find us ready to help anytime you need it. It’s the same online. Click here to see how simple it is to shop online. Once you’ve filled your basket, you can select pickup or delivery to schedule a time to conveniently get what you need.
  5. Stock up at your own pace: When building your food storage, don’t feel you need to get it all at once. Start with what you can afford and build over time. Start with a few cases and create your cache over time.
  6. Don’t pass on Perks: Our Perks program is second to none and offers big savings for loyal shoppers. Download digital coupons and see your points add up. Case lot is prime to use your points to save even more!
  7. Rotate your inventory: Take a lesson from our stocking team and fill your pantry or storage areas from back to front. That means items with the shortest dates are at the front of your shelf. (No one likes to find that expired can of beans from 1999.)
  8. Keep notes: Track how much you use each month so you know how long items will last. Will a case of tuna last your family two months or two years? Knowing what you use helps you how much to buy.
  9. Store smart: Food lasts longer when it’s stored in a cool, dry place. Use basement space or other cool areas to maximize freshness and keep the quality top notch.